One Year Later (Chapter 2/end)

12204567_820996191356798_1944924248_nOne Year Later (Chapter 2/end)

Title: One Year Later

Author: JJK94_n (Kim Soo Neun)

Length: Two Shoot

Genre: Friendship, sad,Romance,Hurt

Rating: PG-13

Main cast:

Jessica Jung

Xi Luhan

Support Cast:

Kim Taeyeon

Onew SHINee

Poster by: Jung Candy’s Art Work

Nice To Meet You Again BABE..

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Find The Way (Chapter 1)


Author: JJK94 (namminmi)

Length: Chapter

Genre: Family,Litle sad,Funny,Romance,Hurt

Rating: PG-13/15

Main cast:


  • Jessica Jung
  • Jeon Jung Kook
  • Xi Luhan

Support Cast:

  • krystal Jung
  • Jung SinB A.k.a Hwang EunB A.k.a SinB


Poster by :  Charismagirl @ Indo Fanfictions Arts.


“Akankah Tuhan Tertawa?”

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